28 September 2013

Slow cooker cook book giveaway winner

Even though there we only had one entrant for the cook book giveaway, Lilly and I still held an official drawing.  Because life without formalities may not be a life I want to live.

* Yes, let's choose this one *
* Oh, hey - it looks like Katie won *
Congratulations to .... Katie for winning Vegan Slow Cooking.  It really couldn't have happened to a nicer person.
* I'm bored with this charade *
In the process of moving, I found several cookbooks that I plan to give away on this blog between now and, let's say, Christmas. So check back again. I'll put another up next week. If you're interested in getting a new cookbook for you or as a gift for a friend (or to later giveaway on your own blog!), just keep your eyes on this space.  Hopefully we can get a few more entrants so that Lilly has a more exciting job to do.


  1. I am humbled and honored to accept this award. I'd like to thank the people who read, but didn't comment on, your previous post, for allowing me this opportunity. I hereby promise to put this book to good use this fall and in the coming cold, dreary, winter days and nights. I am not vegan, which makes winning this even more humbling; that my questionable morals (or lack thereof as the case may be) did not preclude me from entering and winning.

    I hereby declare today to be a vegan day. Except...crap. I ate some gelatin already. Okay, tomorrow then.


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