29 October 2012

Another super easy dinner

For anyone who forgot, I'm not buying new food during Vegan MoFo. I haven't made nearly as much of a dent in my food stores as I hoped to, but I have been slowly clearing some space out.  The benefit of going to the grocery store is that you can buy a nearly-made meal for those days that you just can't be bothered.  One of my motivations for the big kitchen clean-out is to get rid of the convenience foods that tend to be a crutch.  Of course, some days I am just limping along and I need an easy lunch or dinner (or both) -- luckily I still have plenty of convenience foods for when laziness strikes. 
* These are empty containers, but you get the idea *
I bought this Kashmiri Curry sauce at Ross (yes, Ross the discount clothing store) for $4 or $5 a few months ago.  I often go to Ross after my shift with C.A.R.E. (I clean out the cat room at Petsmart and play with all the kitties for about an hour. It is pure bliss.) every other Saturday, pretty much just to kill time.  My modus operandi for these trips is to look for short-size pants, then check out the dresses and skirts, and then I head to the home section.  This always includes a pass through the half-shelf of food items, just to see what's there.  I've purchased vanilla extract and vanilla bean paste at Ross several times - always a steal of deal.  On this particular day, I was looking for nothing in particular.  I almost didn't pick up this sauce, because I assumed it had milk in it based on the color.  But I allowed my hopes to get up; upon turning the jar over - joy of joys! the one word I always hope for on food labels - it proudly proclaimed it's veganacity.  The sauce quickly became mine and then languished in the back of my cabinet.
* I love companies that label foods as "vegan" *
Last Saturday, after returning from another morning of pooper-scoopering, I wanted a simple, quick meal.  Rifling through the conveniences still in my kitchen, I pulled this sauce out and figured it was time to try it.  In the continuing theme of convenience, I kept the curry pretty simple:  potatoes, thai chilies, and a can of braised gluten (which has been in my possession for no one knows how long).  One word of advice - rinse these things well before you use them.  They are a little too oily straight out of the can, but you can just run them under warm water and rinse most of that off.
* I highly recommend rinsing thoroughly *
My lunch (both that day and the next) was this tasty curry over brown basmati rice.  Although it may be difficult to tell because most of my posts involve some convenience product, I do really enjoy cooking.  But for days when I just don't have the energy or the wherewithal, I definitely appreciate being able to pull a few things out of my pantry to put together a decent meal with little headache or commitment.
* This dinner was born from sheer laziness,
but out of laziness deliciousness can be born! *

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  1. I've been guilty of the easy vegan convenience food for too many meals to count. I've been trying to be better and refrain from buying any more such things. We'll see how long that lasts. :-) I had no idea Ross even had food, I always thought it was just a clothing store.