09 October 2011

Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

Two summers ago, I tried to grow some tomato plants outside my apartment in Knoxville.  I got the plants from a very kind woman on freecycle, who was getting rid of some volunteers.  Eventually, I had to begrudgingly admit that my apartment got zero sunlight and was unsuitable for growing much of anything.  This summer, my patio was bathed in sunlight, and I was lucky enough to find another generous freecycler with volunteers to give away.   

* I got four tomato plants of initially unknown variety *
* They all turned out to be yellow pear tomatoes *
I've had some bursts of tomatoes all summer long.  Usually, across all four plants, five or ten will be ripe at a time, which isn't a lot when you're talking about tiny tomatoes.

* Sometimes they try to hide in the back *
* They are pretty much the size of grape tomatoes,
but yellow and much tastier *
* This is a normal day's harvest *
Nothing much happened for almost a month.  Plenty of tomatoes were growing, but they were all staying green.  I started to think they'd never ripen, and I was planning what I could do with possibly a hundred small green tomatoes.  But, then, a few days ago, a lot of tomatoes just decided to turn yellow over night.  And this is what happened:

* This was one day's harvest,
getting some final sun in the kitchen window. *
It looks like I won't have an unripe tomato problem after all.  I may have a crazy tomato problem, though ...


  1. That's so cool! I'd love to have such pretty little tomatoes growing on our balcony, but I'm afraid our house doesn't get much sun either. Have you decided what you're going to use them in? :)

  2. I love yellow pear tomatoes! But, I have to say that although I've had lots of tomato success growing them in the garden, I've never gotten much of a harvest from growing tomatoes in pots. Even really big pots with good soil. I would consider your harvest a huge success!

  3. Your tomatoes look awesome, I can't wait to grow some.

  4. I love those little yellow tomatoes! I eat them like candy. So jealous as I don't have a garden, I'm not even allowed to have pots on the balcony (such a silly rule, something about bugs). :-)