03 October 2011

The many ways I humiliate tomatoes

You might be able to guess what I'm having for dinner tonight (and lunch earlier ... and lunch tomorrow and possibly dinner, too).  That's right, leftover Indian food.  Since I don't have any new food to show you today, I figured I'd dig through my old photos file.  While it's true that I haven't been blogging much since my westward expansion, it is also true that I've been taking pictures of everything all the same.  Lucky for me, because now when I cook one night, I have to eat the same thing a few meals in a row.  It'll save you all from photos of my leftovers during MoFo.  You're welcome ;)

I have a great CSA here in Richland.  I've posted about my awesome hauls a few times.  I love getting all the produce, but I simply cannot get through a full box in a week.  I try to eat the things that will go bad, so that I'm at least throwing away a minimum of stuff.  I've done some canning with some of it, which I'll talk about later this month (watch for that! it'll be good stuff).  A few weeks ago, I found myself with almost three weeks worth of tomatoes, and no way to eat them all in the face of getting even more tomatoes in a few days.  I primarily had roma tomatoes, but not nearly enough to make even a jar of sauce.  I decided instead to oven-dry them before they became all wrinkly and ornery.

Emergency oven-dried tomatoes
A method more than a recipe

Preheat your oven to the lowest setting you have.  The directions I saw called for 140*F, but my oven will only heat to 170*, so I went with that.  

Wash your tomatoes, and cut off any bad spots.  Cut the tomatoes in half (if they are large tomatoes, perhaps you should cut them in quarters).  Put a cooling rack on a cookie sheet.  Place your tomatoes skin-side down on the rack.  I found that they can touch, because they're just going to shrink.  I sprinkled salt on top of my tomatoes, but it's totally optional.  I think you could put other herbs on there, but this was my first attempt at drying tomatoes, so I kept things simple.

* So cheap and juicy! *
Put your tomatoes in the oven.  Wait FOREVER! I thought this would take *maybe* eight hours, but it was closer to 24.  The good news is that your oven is only at 170*, so you shouldn't be too worried about just leaving it on all night long.  When your tomatoes are done, they should look something like this:

* They're just humiliated tomatoes *
Store in an airtight container and enjoy as you see fit!  I have had a few chopped on pizza, and they are very delicious. 

What do you do when you have a mountain of produce?  What's your favorite dried food?  Raisins: delicious or humiliated grapes?

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  1. Humiliated tomatoes! I love this ^_^ I wish I saw this post before I turned all my garden tomatoes into sauce and salsa...

  2. I have a whole bowl full of especially thick skinned zebra cherry tomatoes. I just might give this a go tomorrow!


  3. Definitely one to do during the cold months.

  4. Fantastic idea! I'm also pleased to note that you have the same handy photo spot as me: gotta love the natural light from the window above the sink!

  5. muahaha, humiliated tomatoes! and grapes! you crack me up.

  6. Humiliated grapes... go away!! Haha. I'm already sick of Rick's raisin bran. What was I thinking? Bleh. Now, I do like the thought of humiliated tomatoes. Definitely worth doing!

  7. Can't wait to try this! I love tomatoes and always have extra.

  8. I'm way jealous of you CSA. I love dried tomatoes - I did full on real sun drying when I lived in Yuma, AZ. It was so dry it only took about 12 hours outside. Crazy.

  9. I've never tried that! That would definitely have been a great idea when I got a huge basket of almost overripe tomatoes a few weeks back.