24 March 2011

Fra-gee-lay: it must be Italian.

I recently won a major award from a giveaway at Meet the Shannons!  If you aren't familiar with them, they are a GENIUS couple who are veganizing the Betty Crocker Cookbook, one delicious recipe at a time.  They've already veganized a ton of recipes, but I think an extra special shout out is due the Beer Can Tofurkey.  Seriously? That's genius.  And we can't forget the vegan hardboiled egg and poached egg.  Did I mention these people are veganization geniuses?  Because they are.

It turns out that the Shannons are not only amazing at veganizing Betty Crocker's best recipes - making them even better in the process - but are also amazing at giveaways!  My major award arrived in the post yesterday and just look at what it was:

A tofurky lunch box! WOAH. I didn't even know this was a thing, but it's really adorable.  It has cartoons of (what I assume to be) soybeans at the circus, and, really, the tofurky circus is the only circus I want to go to.  But wait! There's even more.  Open up the lunch box, and you'll find:

A bag of vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!  I don't know who Uncle Eddie is, but I want him to come to my next family reunion.  These cookies are a little more crumbly than I usually like, but they are delicately peanut buttery and perfectly spotted with chocolate chips (and they may be almost completely gone by now ... ).  And the collection of items below those delicious cookies? 

Oh, just a whole lot of awesome!  What we've got here is a big collection of stickers, some awesome coupons, a mystery cd, and more.  This is seriously an amazing haul.  Thank you so much, Shannons!  Your generosity is way beyond anything I ever expected.

Just so that you don't think my whole life is about getting awesome packages in the mail, here's a look at some recipes I've been testing for Carla's upcoming slow cooker cookbook.  Definitely watch for this one in about a year's time - it is not one to miss.

* Cheesy Crackers *
* Nut Roast with Marmite Gravy *
* Magnificent Mushroom Soup and Pesto Biscotti *


  1. Wait, wait wait....you made crackers in a slow cooker? How? I am doubtful.

    My old neighbor had the leg lamp in his window every Christmas season and it never failed to make me smile.

    uncle Eddies cookies are the best. He needs to make some GF ones now. Uncle Eddie, you listening?

  2. I think I have gained at least 5 pounds since discovering the Shannon's website, and that's a good thing :)

    Congrats on winning the giveaway, and those Cheesy Crackers look DELICIOUS!

  3. Cute lunch box! Is there anything better than surprises in the mail? Probably not. I agree that a soybean circus is the only kind of circus I'd like to attend. Do you know where I can hit one of their tours? ;)

  4. OH I'm so glad you like your major award! I have to admit I had a huge smile when I pulled your name from the official Shannons award choosing hat. Yes - We are very modern over here.

    I do admit those cookies are a bit crumbly but they are our favorites. I mean - How can you go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate chips?

    Cheddar Crackers! Awesome!

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