30 March 2011

Calling all vegans

I saw yesterday on Jack Norris, RD that Carol Adams and Patti Brietman are working on a new book, which is meant to help people make the decision to become vegan.  This message is copied directly from Jack Norris's blog (I couldn't think of a better way to word this request, so I hope you all forgive my plagiarism).  

A message from long-time vegan activist, Patti Brietman:

Carol Adams and I are looking for vegans who are willing to tell others what they eat on a typical day, as well as some of their favorite foods, healthy or otherwise. Your answers may be included in our new book that is intended to help “not yet vegans” discover the ease, joy, variety and abundance of a vegan diet. If you are interested in participating, please email Carol J. Adams at cja@caroljadams.com and she will send you a survey.

We are especially eager to hear from students, people on a budget, creative home chefs, vegans who do not cook and everybody in between.

We hope to hear from people by April 15.

Please feel free to share or publicize with vegans!
With gratitude and all my best wishes, Patti

I hope you'll all consider sharing your experiences for this book.