11 April 2010

Gather up your four leaf clovers

I know I've not posted in a week, and I have some school/food/life related posts planned that I hope to get around to soon.  But in the interim, I want to let everyone know about some awesome giveaways that I've seen floating around the interwebs.

Vegan Organic Truffles! at Recycle Your Day
* from the Coco-Zen website *

I've not had these truffles, but I would happily give my left arm for some. They look amazing.

Customized Chocolate at Love Veggies and Yoga
You can customize your own bar with anything from nuts, fruit, spices, candy, and more. I emailed the company to check if the dark chocolate bar is vegan, and I'll let you know the verdict. But in the meantime I have created what I like to call the "PhD Completion" bar -- dark chocolate with dried cranberries, sliced almonds, sea salt, and (of course!) gold flakes!

** Just wanted to update **
I contacted the company about the veganity of their dark chocolate bars and got this response:

"Dear Jamie,

Our dark chocolate is indeed vegan, but we don't work in a completley vegan only facility so we have warnings on our packaging that there might be traces of other ingredients. Let me know if you have any more questions.



A beautiful and shame-free starry tote from terracycle at EasyEcoToGo.com
Terracycle has long made cute bags from old wrappers.  Now they are making some unbranded bags using the same materials.  These bags are so cute, and I love that I can get a recycled bag without inadvertently advertising doritos or something.

* Photo from ecotogo.com *

And an iherb.com Shopping Spree at Chocolate Covered Katie!
Don't let the store name fool you, you can get all kinds of stuff. They don't have the best user interface, but they offer a lot of great stuff!

So figure out which contests look best to you and skedaddle on over there.  Oh, and if you win, I will expect a nominal finders fee (those vegan truffles will do nicely).

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